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Facebook interactive 3D is something I’m very interested in.

This example is put together on, but you can see what I have done within Facebook using the bottom link to the Facebook group I created, or you can visit Sketchtoon on Facebook as well.

Right now, Facebook’s implementation is very crude and basic (it just displays a 3d scene/object with basic textures, no animations or actions/triggers).
That means, that it’s rather limited on regards to features.

NEVERTHELESS… I still find it very motivating that a major Social Media platform has integrated this type of media (along with the 360 panorama and 3d photo options as well).

The reason why interactive 3D appeals to me, is precisely because of the potential I see.
At the moment, the most popular use of this media has been MEMES. This could seem like the wrong way to go if one were to think of any prospective future commercial use, since it may seem like a superfluous fad.
BUT, if you think about it, one of the most popular and well-established trends over the last decade relating how people constantly interact and SHARE publications over the web, has been through MEMES.

People stop and look and later share, things that are either shocking, funny, important information, unique and/or interesting.

And when it comes to MARKETING, the most important thing you have to accomplish with the media you are reaching your demographic is to connect with USERS, so they STOP and look->watch/listen/read->react/interact.

Interactive 3D could be considered a fad by those who have never seen or used it before. But it has been around for over two decades now. In many forms and media. I have always been into it and trying out some of those platforms. For instance, back in the early 2000s, I tried out and implemented Cult3D, by Cycore. It could be integrated into web browsers and also desktop applications like Interactive Multimedia put together with Macromedia Director.

And nowadays of course, you have VR/ER goggles and all the interaction gadgets you can use. Which is a step in the right direction for interactive 3D. Making things a lot more immersive.

So, why do I think interactive 3D in a platform like Facebook is a good thing?
Because, even if it’s such a basic type of user interaction, it’s still something that makes people stop and “play”.
That means, you have their attention and can attach whatever marketing strategy you want to implement when you get them looking in the right direction.

That’s why, I have been fooling around with this option on Facebook, and trying to get more people excited about it.
I created a group on Facebook to try and form a community as well as on Reddit. To share information and experiments like the ones I’m trying out myself: