This client came to me with just one requirement: Make it a one page scrolling page concept.
I investigated other Yatch renting websites, and found the five main sections:
• About Us.
• Choose your destination.
• Choose your calendar.
• Choose your yatch.
• Proceed to make a reservation.

Once I had that done. I wanted something that could scroll with a parallax effect. To create depth and perspective.
So I decided on “floating” objects (the yatch at the top, the buoy, the whale, the scubba girl, etc).
The main menu would always acompany the scroll, or it could serve to jump to a specific area.After that, I sketched the idea and got it approved by the client. And move on to one of the main items: THE LOGO.
The customer had mentioned he liked and wanted to relate to the Rolex logo. So I tried to come up with something that looked classy, but could easly convey what the website was about.YACHTs-LogoFinally, I worked on all the individual illustrations for each “floating” object, and designed the rest of the website. Including coming up with a creative idea for the Calendar.All in all, I’m very satisfied with the result.
I handed over the finished concept to the customer, and from there on, I was out of the loop.
I made a test parallax page, you can see it here: