Illustrations, illustrations, illustrations! From Traditional Illustration, to Digital Illustration, to 3D illustration, icons, caricatures, infographics, etc. Everything by yours truly: Oscar Blanco.


Make sure to visit "TOOLS & STUFF" in my Design Website MULTIPROCR.COM under the ABOUT menu item, to visit my BLOG, where you will find things like a Project Budget Calculator automated form, as well as resources to download (3d models, cliparts, etc).

Oscar Blanco.
Heredia, Costa Rica
OscarMultipro (Skype)
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3D Printable Models

All these models are FREE TO DOWNLOAD from my Thingiverse profile: Sketchtoon_com I would really appreciate any kind comments and if you can share your print...

Steampunk Concept Cafe

When it comes to Steampunk, you could almost say all bets are off, regarding design and style. YET, I consider that it’s important to try to...

INTERACTIVE 3D Facebook interactive 3D is something I'm very interested in. This example is put together on, but you can see what I have done within Facebook...

Subliminal Label Design

My client Puffin E-juice wanted to try something out. He wanted to make a label for one of his product lines, that would appeal to a...