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SKETCHTOON Illustration Portfolio by Oscar Blanco / Puffin E Juice Flavor Images

Puffin E Juice Flavor Images

How many times do you have the chance to work on a project that will have you create a new, more complete version of their character, in really funny situations, with creative freedom and following the directive that the style has to follow great shows like Family Guy?
NOT MANY TIMES, I can tell you that for sure!

Puffin E Juice ( needed to add life to it’s Puffin Penguin character. To create situations that related to each of the flavors that they distribute for Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs).
Their creative department already had some creative briefs for each of the scenes, but they still let me add some of my own ideas to enhance the humor aspect in them.
The whole point is to make the character/product memorable, through imagery that conveys appealing and easily recognizable references from Pop Culture icons, famous places, and persons, movie genres, etc.

All, as I already mentioned, in stylistic cartoons that look like well-known tv shows.
The process of creation was simple:
• Create a draft/sketch of the scene based on a creative brief, and a brainstorm session where I sometimes came up with an idea to improve a concept, or sometimes actually solved the lack of one.
• Once we have what we want, ink all the outlines.
• Convert to vector and color it all in. Using a vivid palette, that could easily be the one used on a TV show.

Oh, and you will notice, I’ve sneaked the e-cig’s in each of the images. Sometimes like an actual e-cig, sometimes like a completely different object, in the shape of an ecig.

Finally, I also got to work on the redesign of their logo, which is based on the work we did on the illustrations.

A truly enjoyable project.

The people at Puffin E Juice were so happy with the outcome of this project, that they want to continue to hire me for most of their marketing graphic solutions. Currently, we’re about to start working on the redesign of all their product labels.


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