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SKETCHTOON Illustration Portfolio by Oscar Blanco / Art Deco DSLR Camera Concept

Art Deco DSLR Camera Concept

Here’s an interactive 3d version I made in my Facebook page:

I have a deep love for the Art Deco Era. It’s just so full of character and such an innocent hope for the future and specially technology. Which now we enjoy but also view with a little added dread.
I see it also as the main inspiration for the Steampunk movement, alongside Victorian industrialization, and not so much Gothic or Gore elements, as some people think as Steampunk representations.
So… I was thinking, what could I make in 3D with an Art Deco theme to it (I was looking for an excuse to make something in 3D, since I hadn’t done it in quite a while). I had already made a Steampunk iPod (back in the day when iPods where still a thing):
(see the original post here:

And I decided on making a DSLR camera, because photography is also one of my passions. I based the concept loosely on a Nikon camera (because I’m a Nikon fanboy).

I worked in 3ds Max, rendered with Vray. It’s roughly around 6 hours of work. Plus render time.


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