Illustrations, illustrations, illustrations! From Traditional Illustration, to Digital Illustration, to 3D illustration, icons, caricatures, infographics, etc. Everything by yours truly: Oscar Blanco.


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Oscar Blanco.
Heredia, Costa Rica
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11-11 Infographic Project

When Alejandro Ortiz, owner of Once Once Audiovisuales ( approached me for a project he had in mind to promote his company in an upcoming...

The MOA intro video.

Max Ortiz Aguilar "MOA" contacted me to help him out with his intro video to use on all his video productions (courses, tutorials, demos, etc). He...

Speak No Evil game project

An extremely enjoyable project by far! I felt very lucky to be able to participate in designing the cards for this great game, and I have...

American Ninja Gym Concept

This was a really interesting, but most of all challenging project (I love those!). The client needed concept art for an American Extreme Ninja gym, with...

Vintage Style Beer Label

This project was great fun. The challenge was to make a likeness of Abraham Lincoln, yet picture him as a young strapping man, working on his...

Subliminal Label Design

My client Puffin E-juice wanted to try something out. He wanted to make a label for one of his product lines, that would appeal to a...